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The Logitech UC Keyboard K725-C has nine dedicated phone and video-control keys for quickly answering, ending and muting calls, directly from the desktop. The call answer/end key blinks to show incoming calls, giving users a visual cue even when they aren?t looking at their screen, and the voicemail-message key glows steadily to indicate when new messages are waiting. There?s also a built-in LCD display screen that shows caller ID for incoming calls, as well as the duration of calls in progress and all traditional information found on the telephone today.

Because the Logitech UC Keyboard K725-C interoperates directly with Cisco Jabber, it manages calls for any user  who is signed into the system. This makes the Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C ideal for ?hot desking? work environments, where users don?t have a permanently assigned desk or cubicle. In addition, for more traditional users working from dedicated desktops or telecommuting from home, the Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C enables users to create their own customized virtual workspace, with new collaboration options to increase productivity and work more effectively.

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Fully integrated UC peripheral combo


Enjoy the convenience of voice, video and productivity controls for Cisco Jabber in one unique solution.

Designed  for the Cisco Jabber experience

Don?t worry about setup or interoperability, this is the only keyboard/webcam/mouse combo uniquely designed for, selected by and certified by Cisco for seamless integration with Cisco VXC and Jabber solutions.

Streamlined desktop solution

Next generation integrated UC solution helps save space on the shrinking desktop; perfect for small workspaces, hot desking, cubicles, call centers and people who appreciate a clutter-free workspace.

Dedicated phone and video control keys

Quickly manage voice and video communication, including phone-like commands, right from the keyboard.

Illuminated keys display call/video status

Get instant notification and status for phone and video call controls, just like on your desk phone .

Keyboard LCD display for phone notifications


Use the keyboard to show caller ID, previous calls, and status without interrupting on-screen work.

HD1080p*  webcam with UVC H.264 encoding

Make a vivid impression with true-to-life, high definition video calls without taxing PC bandwidth.

Premium wireless mouse with micro-precise scroll wheel

Ensures optimized productivity, pointing precision and comfort for all-day users.

Intuitive USB plug-and-play set up

Easy to set up and easy to use.

Brilliantly integrated product design by Logitech


Experience the human-centric quality, comfort and precision Logitech is known for.


** Supported video modes vary by application/client, Jabber 9.x supports up to 720p at 30 frames per second. 


Office Facilities US & Canada, Japan, European Markets, Emerging markets
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Standard business hours
TAC Hotline 1-877-897-9879
TAC Support Alias null
TAC URL null



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1 Jabber Solutions
  • Jabber Client Windows 9.x
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