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TransLattice Elastic Database (TED) is the world’s first geographically distributed relational SQL database server. TED supports varying application loads (from small to huge) with high-availability and exceptional response time for remote users. It is a scalable, highly available database management system designed for:

  • business-critical enterprise systems
  • online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • developer productivity
  • application portability
  • ease of administration


Business-critical Enterprise Systems and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Today’s businesses span geographies with employees, customers, vendors, and business partners often accessing business-critical systems from great distances. TED’s integrated object policies allow administrators to proactively ensure that data is stored in accordance with established business practices and applicable data jurisdiction restrictions. Yet users can see a comprehensive and accurate view of all data in the system.


Developer Productivity and Application Portability

TED supports ANSI-standard SQL, Multi-version Concurrency Control and standard programming interfaces and frameworks such as JDBC and Hibernate. So developers don’t need to learn a new set of skills to use TED. Applications written for Hibernate or other object-relational mapping frameworks port to TED with little or no modification.

Ease of Administration

Although a TED cluster can consist of many nodes, the system behaves as a single database server. Administration of TED is orchestrated either through our web-based administration interface or via command-line; and configuration changes are automatically migrated to all nodes in the cluster. Setting up a TED cluster can be accomplished in minutes.

Scalability and High-Availability

TED scales out across geographies utilizing virtual machines, cloud computing resources, and TransLattice appliances, in any combination. With each additional node, the database scales incrementally. When burst capacity is required, cloud or virtual machine instances can be added to the cluster to boost processing power in minutes. Nodes work cooperatively providing a unified database resource. If a node fails, other nodes in the cluster remain available to service users and applications.

Intelligent Networking

TED integrates intelligent networking with database operations. The system constantly monitors bandwidth, traffic and the speed of connections between nodes to determine optimum placement of data and query execution plans.

Integrated Object Policy and Placement

Replication and partitioning, in the traditional sense, are not used in TED. Tables are split into thousands of logical segments, called shards, which are placed on nodes according to business requirements for redundancy and data location, and where the data is most likely to be accessed. TED’s integrated object policies allow administrators to proactively ensure that data is stored in accordance with established business practices.


  • Application Development

TransLattice Elastic Database (TED) is a tightly integrated database platform that supports SQL, XML, and procedural languages to facilitate flexible database application development.   TED supports JAVA, .Net, C++, PHP/ PL/pgSQL, Ruby and Python

  • Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployments are a proven model for flexible delivery of database services.  TED provides the ultimate flexibility by allowing databases to be deployed either in the cloud or on premise or spanning cloud and on-premise resources.

  • High Availability

Accurate, up-to-date data is a critical business asset of any business.  Organizations world-wide lose billions of dollars every year due to data outages.  TED’s highly redundant, distributed architecture prevents failures at multiple levels of infrastructure from leading to a data outage.

  • Manageability


TED automatically monitors, diagnoses and tunes itself allowing DBAs to be more productive.  TED can be managed from anywhere via our web-based administrative interface.  This helps organizations reduce IT management cost.

  • Performance and Scalability

Because TED can be distributed geographically using standard internet connections, resources can be placed closer to end users dramatically reducing response times.  TED scales easily simply adding nodes.   New nodes can be provisioned and added to the cluster in minutes rather than hours or days,

  • Security and Compliance

Using TED’s built in data policy management; TED proactively ensures that data is maintained in accordance with business requirements.  Multi-national businesses get an accurate, up-to-the-minute view of their data while being confident that data jurisdiction requirements are being met. 

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