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SmartBox-V™ is an integrated bundle of Software and quality Services from Setel running on a Cisco blade server which is hosted within a Cisco modular 2900 series router. This bundled “appliance” reduces the complexity of the on-vessel communications equipment, simplifies and optimizes the vessel’s communications, reduces the costs of data, voice and management of the equipment and offers a comprehensive set of Crew Welfare applications.

  • Km34024
  • Cisco

A complete, integrated solution for implementing a manageable and secure Communications Gateway on-board commercial Vessels. Service selection and support of all kinds of satellite terminals and connections. Robust and Industrial design for heavy usage under extreme conditions. Configurable, Modular and easy to deploy and remotely manageable and updated.

SmartBox-V is a network appliance that is able to handle all routing and firewalling and at the same time to provide email services, web email client, as well as proxy services.Internet Cafe features for browsing using PINs and a central DataBase for synchronizing at the office all transactions on the vessel, differential file synchronization and automatic switching (if requested) between different WAN connections.

Also developed a detailed log of all http/https traffic and also advanced monitoring tools for the actual traffic passed through each of the WAN connections.

All the above are compiled in within a VPN solution which allows us to safeguard all traffic and provide compression as well as QoS.

▪ Enhanced security (VPN, IPS) at both user and corporate data level
▪ Advanced encryption and compression of transmitted data to the corporate communication Hub ensuring the protection of valuable information
▪ Zero cost voice calls to the HQ Office & low cost voice calls over IP
▪ Least cost routing with QoS chooses the best communications path available in terms of cost whether Inmarsat Fbb,VSAT 4G, WiFi and prioritizes data for guaranteed Voice quality
▪ Standard POP3/SMTP and IMAP with encryption
▪ Web mail based on IMAP & POP3
▪ Crew-Internet (when Broadband and/or VSAT existing)
▪ Pre-payment central control for Data & Voice
▪ Centralized Management enables the IT manager to customize the SmartBox-V from the HQ office and receive all the reports/logs remotely

Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 00306951005891
TAC Support Alias N/A


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.0 Cisco Cloud Connector
  • Cisco Cloud Connector Hosting Cisco UCS-E Series
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