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Good for Enterprise is a secure mobile email and collaboration suite that increases employee productivity and satisfaction without compromising security.  It delivers an integrated, intuitive user experience that allows employees to access corporate email, Intranets and documents from market leading devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

Good for Enterprise delivers:

An Exceptional User Experience

With a user experience optimized for business users, Good for Enterprise lets employees take care of business when and where they want.  Quickly compose emails, review documents, schedule meetings, access Intranets and much more.  The experience and functionality is so familiar that minimal training, IT intervention and support is required.

End-to-End Security

Protect corporate data in use and at rest on the device through a secure container that separates business data from employee’s personal information.  Ensure consistent security policies across disparate mobile platforms.  Prevent data loss by disabling data sharing with other applications.  Secure the corporate network with a NOC-based architecture.  Remote wipe corporate data without impacting personal data.

Integrated Device and Application Management

Gain visibility and control over your mobile deployment through a Web-based console.  Enforce security policies, such as password requirements and jailbreak/rooted device detection.  Distribute and manage 3rd party or internally developed applications. 

Good for Enterprise is designed to integrate with Good’s Secure Collaboration solutions to deliver seamless, secure mobile workflows that drive employee collaboration and productivity.

• Secure email, calendar, contacts, browser, file repository
• Encrypt data on the device and over the air
• Authenticate with strong password enforcement
• Wipe lost or stolen devices remotely
• Detect and shut down jailbroken or rooted devices
• Create workflows among trusted apps
• Prevent data loss by restricting cut/copy/paste between apps
• Distribute apps through a secure corporate app store
• Support both CL and IL devices across a broad array of platforms
• Reduce costs and protect the corporate network with a NOC-based architecture

Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,Emerging markets,US & Canada
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 1 866-723-4663
TAC Support Alias N/A


Good for Enterprise for Windows Phone : gfe_wndphone_ds.pdf (3.1 MB)
Good for Enterprise for Android DS: gfe_android_ds.pdf (3.1 MB)
Good for Enterprise for iOS data sheet: gfe_ios_ds.pdf (3.5 MB)


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v2.0 None N/A

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