The Sennheiser Culture Series headsets are wired headsets featuring Sennheiser voice clarity and ultra-noise cancelling micro-phone, which optimize speech intelligibility even in noisy environments. The large earpads and wideband sound secure a great listening experience. The Culture Series is deployment-friendly and comes with integrated call control unit and USB connector to allow great functionality and convenience and provides excellent user protection from acoustic shock with Sennheiser ActiveGard®.

  • Culture-01
  • Culture-07
  • Culture-06
  • Culture-05
  • Culture-03a
  • Culture-02a

The Culture Series is designed for unified communications and featuring lightweight design with comfortable wearing style

Single sided and double sided variants with the double sided featuring stereo speakers

Sennheiser voice clarity and wideband sound for natural listening experience

Cable with USB connection and integrated call control unit


  • Clear and natural sound experience and improve speech intelligibility  even in noisy environments with Sennheiser voice clarity and ultra-noise canceling microphone which delivers perfect wideband speech output
  • Comfortable and relaxed wearing style with large ear pads in an ultra, lightweight headset.
  • Strong focus on user safety with Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology – protects your hearing against potentially dangerous acoustic shock
  • Integrated call control for easy handling with your unified communications solution from the headset


  • Noise-canceling microphone (frequency response 150 hz - 6800 Hz - wideband)
  • Bendable boom arm – ensures microphone position is always optimal. Cannot be twisted out of position
  • Pivotable boom – rotates through 340 degrees for wearing flexibility on right or left ear and precision microphone placement
  • Large foam ear-pads for relaxed wearing comfort and powerful sound (leatherette earpads are available for replacement)
  • Sennheiser voice clarity – wideband sound
  • Neodymium speaker (60 – 16000 Hz)
  • Maximum  sound pressure level: 113 dB limited by ActiveGard®
  • The dual-sided SC 60 CTRL features stereo sound
  • Cable length 2300 mm / 6.89 ft
  • Connector:  USB
  • Weight: 82 g / 2.87 oz (SC 30), 106 g / 3.71 oz (SC 60)
  • 2 years international warranty
Office Facilities US & Canada,Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,Emerging markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Extended hours
TAC Hotline +4556180000
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N/A Other UC Applications (Voice Mail - Presence)
  • Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) 8.6
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