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Citrix VDI-in-a-Box is a simple all-in-one VDI software appliance that enables Windows® desktop administrators to deliver centrally-managed, personalized virtual desktops to any user, anytime, on any device – for less than the cost of new PCs. VDI-in-a-Box eliminates over 60% of traditional VDI infrastructure—including management servers and shared storage (SANs)—by integrating connection brokering, desktop provisioning, load balancing, and user profile management, and leveraging industry standard servers with direct-attached storage. Servers can be connected to form a highly-available grid, which scales simply by adding more servers; the grid automatically load balances and manages high-availability

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Citrix VDI-in-a-Box makes the benefits of desktop virtualization available to businesses of all sizes. Simple, easy yet affordable, this all-in-one VDI solution has been purpose-built to simplify and streamline virtual desktops—so you get a production-quality solution while instantly lowering your costs and improving security.

  1. Simple to deploy – You can set up VDI-in-a-Box in three simple steps and go from zero to production in under an hour, and eliminate the dependency on storage and network resources
  2. Simple to manage – With VDI-in-a-Box, all you need is Windows expertise to centrally manage and securely grant anytime, anywhere virtual desktop access to your users
  3. Simple to scale – To suit your changing business needs, VDI-in-a-Box has the flexibility to incrementally grow a deployment on-demand by simply adding inexpensive industry standard servers

Designed for IT organizations with simpler needs, VDI-in-a-Box makes it easy to deliver centrally managed, personalized virtual desktops securely to any device on any network—all for less than the cost per user of new PCs. With Citrix HDX, users enjoy the same rich, high-definition experience found in enterprise-class Citrix XenDesktop no matter what kind of device they use.

Transform desktop IT

  • Reduce your PC refresh budget by deploying virtual desktops instead of more expensive PC replacements
  • Empower Windows® admins to handle virtualization with a single intuitive management console, eliminating the need for storage specialists, network administrators, database administrators or virtualization experts
  • Cut desktop management costs by consolidating patching and management, lengthening PC refresh cycles and scaling incrementally without having to overprovision for key features like high availability

Delight your users

  • Enable anywhere, any device productivity by letting users access their virtual desktops on Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets via Citrix Receiver
  • Provide personalized desktops where users can install their own applications and store their configuration, personalization and data
  • Deliver a high-definition experience with performance and access fine-tuned to match the capabilities of each connection and computing device

The VDI-in-a-Box all-in-one VDI software appliance needs only a bare-metal Industry standard server, and uses local direct attach storage (DAS); a Microsoft server O/S is not required. It has an open architecture supporting Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere (ESXi).

All key "enterprise" features are built-in:

  • Patent-pending Grid architecture (all servers in the Grid are managed as a single entity)
  • High-availability (without a SAN or clustered SQL databases)
  • On-demand scaling (by simply adding more servers)
  • Citrix HDX high-performance, high-definition user experience (now with full support of DirectX and OpenGL)
  • Web-based central management console ( a single pane of glass to manage the entire grid)
  • Connection brokering
  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Load balancing
  • Desktop template management
  • User management
  • Pooled (linked clones) and personal virtual desktops running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, WinServer 2008 R2 and WinServer 2012

Included as separate downloads are a number of other Citrix technologies:

  • VDI-in-a-Box may be accessed from any device via Citrix Receiver
  • Citrix User Profile Management
  • Citrix XenServer Enterprise license
  • Citrix StoreFront

VDI-in-a-Box also works with these other Citrix products:

  • NetScaler/Access Gateway
  • GoToAssist
  • ShareFile
  • XenApp
  • XenMobile
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