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Cloud Cruiser is a cloud financial management system designed specifically for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. By integrating with Cisco's cloud management platform, the solution provides visibility into the costs of physical, virtualized, and cloud resources, as well as storage, network, application, and non-compute IT resources.  Cloud Cruiser's automated chargeback and multi-tenant billing platform is designed for the on-demand, usage-based, scalable cloud model, enabling enterprises and service providers to reduce their IT spending and achieve maximum profitability in their Cisco cloud.

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Cloud Cruiser's cloud financial management solution helps enterprises and service providers transition to the new cloud economy by delivering holistic IT cost transparency, agile pricing, automated showback, chargeback, and multi-tenant billing.  The offering is based on the following four components:

Cost Transparency  

See the complete picture of all of your IT computing and operational costs and revenue across public, private, and traditional IT environments.  No matter where you are in your cloud migration, Cloud Cruiser gives you the transparency you need to transform your cloud business. 

Cost Accountability  

Whether you’re a cloud service provider or an enterprise IT professional, you can grow your business more profitably with agile pricing models to fit the needs of your business and automated multi-tenant chargeback and billing.

Cost Empowerment 

Gain anytime access to your IT costs and revenue with customized dashboards, easy-answer standard reports, drill-down cost analytics and P&L statements.  Cloud Cruiser provides you and your customers with the financial intelligence to achieve greater savings and maximize profitability in the cloud.

Cost Control

Control your costs and align IT spending with your business goals using budgets, alerts, and consumption forecasting.  With proactive cost controls, Cloud Cruiser enables you and your customers to safely move to a self-service IT model without fear of costly overages or unplanned spending.


Hybrid IT Showback and Chargeback for Enterprises

Automated IT cost collection across any hybrid IT – Eliminate "spreadsheet overload” with automated collection of  IT cost data from any private cloud, public cloud, and traditional IT computing platform.

Universal heterogeneous IT cost metering – Achieve complete cost transparency by collecting any measurable IT service cost from web services, APIs, databases, spreadsheets and more.

Hierarchical IT cost resource mapping – Align IT budgets with business goals by providing management with cost visibility by department, IT service, business function, technology tower, or any other view.

Self-service, personalized cloud & IT cost portals – Put cost control back into the hands of IT operations and end-users with anytime showback/chargeback of hybrid IT services costs.

Cloud Billing for Service Providers

Automated multi-tenant cloud billing – Eliminate time-consuming preparation of usage-based cloud bills and reduce your time-to-bill from weeks to minutes!

Self-service, customer cost reporting – Gain a competitive advantage and increase customer trust by giving your customers anytime access to their downstream cloud costs.

Time-stamped auditable cost data – Quickly resolve billing disputes and eliminate costly discounts 

Agile Pricing Models

Fixed, variable, tiered, scheduled pricing, resource state pricing and more – Meet the rising demand for flexible IT services pricing in a scalable and cost-effective way.

Benefits to service providers:

· Attract new customers with promotions, discounts and competitive rates

· Provide unique price rate cards for individuals or groups

Benefits to enterprises:

· Enable IT-as-a-Service with service-based pricing

· Provide a funding model for your private cloud investment

Dashboards, Reports, and Cost Analytics

User-configurable dashboards – Quickly see which IT resources, apps, or services are costing the most, and which BUs, projects, or users are spending the most on IT.

Simple-to-use standardized reports, including invoices, top usages, trends, and P&Ls – Generate “quick and easy” answers to your most common questions. View trends in IT spending to identify waste or plan for future resource needs.

 Flexible BI analytics  – Supercharge your decision-making process with easy drill-down to the data you need.

Budgets and Alerts

Self-service budgets at any level of your accounting hierarchy – Eliminate rogue cloud spending and empower fiscal responsibility for your IT service usage with automatic alert notifications

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Cloud Cruiser for Cisco IAC Brief: Cloud Cruiser - Cisco IAC solution brief.pdf (340 KB)
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