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The Aculab ApplianX DPNSS-to-QSIG Gateway Enables a transitional strategy from TDM to VoIP whilst maintaining support for Supplementary Services. Enabling the interconnection of DPNSS and QSIG based TDM systems, without the loss of supplementary features.

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The ApplianX DPNSS-to-Q.SIG Gateway enables enterprises to extend the life of their DPNSS-based PBX, whilst taking advantage of Cisco Call Manager. The gateway fully supports all supplementary services and is designed to be extremely simple to use. With each gateway converting up to 60 channels of DPNSS-to-Q.SIG it is a cost effective way to realise a DPNSS-to-VoIP migration strategy.

Cisco Call Manager resellers can use the gateway to integrate CUCM with a DPNSS-based PBX. In addition to basic call control a wide range of supplementry services can be converted from DPNSS-to-Q.SIG (18 in total). Customers can therefore migrate to VoIP at their own pace rather than 'rip and replace' legacy equipment. The ApplianX is configurable via a web-base GUI and comes with three tools to aid configuration and ongoing maintenance - the ApplianX Trace Tool, Search Tool and USB Upgrade Tool

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ApplianX DPNSS to QSIG Datasheet: ApplianX_DPNSS_to_QSIG_datasheet_issue_3.pdf (98 KB)


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
1.01 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0
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