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Serraview is Australia's leading provider of Workplace Management and Optimization software. Our mission is to become the most trusted and respected choice for workplace management technology worldwide.     Over the past seven years, we have worked closely with the pinnacle of Australia’s corporate and government organisations, plus several of the world’s leaders in corporate real estate management to continually develop and enhance our offering.     Our successes are continually reflected in our customer testimonials, case studies and savings delivered – in the $millions (see our case studies for more details). We are also continually recommended by our clients and partners (who perform an international search for similar solutions) as the number one choice for driving workplace efficiency – “Serraview is well ahead of the game”.     Furthermore, our achievements have recently led us to be recognised by BRW as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. Alongside our international clients and partners we are now taking this success to the world.  
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Our Service Offering     Serraview provides a comprehensive solution for unlocking the value in your real estate investments. Our easy to use tools & pragmatic approach quickly highlights opportunities for optimization, raises decision-making confidence, and enables strategic change. With the Serraview solution our clients are able to:     • Optimize their real estate utilisation • Reduce inefficiencies in relocations; and • Facilitate smarter working environments     The Serraview Difference     Drive Productivity   From day one, Serraview has been designed with our end-user in mind. We custom built our solution from the ground up to support the way you plan and manage your space. Our intuitive tools are designed specifically around how you use workplace data, rather than the data itself. Smarter Fact-Based Decisions Our tools provide you with accurate, detailed and verified data that provides you (and your CFO) with the confidence needed to back-up (multi) million $ long-term leasing decisions.     Business Unit Engagement     Every component of our software suite is designed to help you communicate and engage with your business – from our Workplace Portal, to our Visual Block & Stack, Scenario Planning tools, and Kiosks. With a truly engaged business, trust is developed which makes it easier to drive change.     Huge Bottom Line Savings     We can help your business today by: • Improving the utilisation of your existing portfolio and do more with less • Reducing the cost of relocations • Improving the satisfaction of staff as they request moves, adds and changes • Improving the productivity of your property team, moving you from being reactive to proactive • Facilitating the move from a fixed to flexible and activity based working environments. • And more...  

1.Serraview Space Planning

One of the biggest challenges facing corporate real estate professionals is a breakdown in communication and inefficient workplace management practices.For real estate professionals who are lacking transparent occupancy data or simply tired with time consuming excel based processes, Serraview Space Planning offers a smarter way to manage your portfolio.

Our web-based tools are simple, intuitive and ultimately transform your business relationships. Imagine being able to visualise all your workplace data in one central repository, and proactively forecast your property needs, allowing you to build rapport with your stakeholders, produce professional and accurate reports and develop strategic plans with confidence.


2.Serraview Relocation Management

For many businesses relocations are time consuming, costly and a huge disruption to business functions. For project managers who are responsible for the delivery of relocations, Serraview Relocation Management offers a comprehensive operational platform that lowers project risk, increases client satisfaction and saves significant time and hassle.

Our integrated relocation management solution automates the tracking of changes and approvals; eliminates the rework and frustration typically associated with the collection, validation and distribution of relocation data, and streamlines the management and re-allocation of workplace facilities.

Unlike manual or stand-alone systems, Serraview Relocation Management leverages our Space Planning data to provide a simple, single source of truth for your relocation project and provides the perfect foundation for future data reporting.


 3. Serraview Smart Environments

With the introduction of flexible ways of working (AKA activity based working, high performance workplaces, agile environments, etc), property staff are faced with a new challenge of facilitating the transition to and ongoing management of these new environments.

For property professionals who want to create a workplace of choice, Serraview Smart Environments is a series of technologies that automates the collection of actual workplace utilization data, facilitating flexible ways of working and increasing the professionalism of property services.

Unlike anonymous, point-in-time studies, Serraview Smart Environments provides continuous fact-based workplace analytics, empowering property professionals to drive continual value and cultural change.


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