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Publisher: Bucher + Suter

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Bucher + Suter’s Connects for Salesforce is an out of the box integration between the Cisco Contact Center and Salesforce which allows agents to handle multichannel interactions and manage their state within a gadget embedded in the Salesforce GUI.

Placing interaction control inside of Salesforce where client data resides gives agents a 360 degree customer view. It streamlines contact handling, provides quick access to agent tools, improves efficiency and means that agents won’t have to constantly tab back and forth between applications when searching for information. Tabbing between windows and applications takes time - time that customers spend waiting.

b+s Connects for Salesforce is a pre-integrated package that is easy to install and offers the functionality demanded by today’s contact centers.

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Agents can answer, transfer and conference telephone calls within the b+s Connects for Salesforce – CCX Edition gadget and the system logs detailed call records in Salesforce for easy access by agents and supervisors. The solution provides full CTI functionality to help drive contact center efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. It pops customer information into the agent’s Salesforce GUI with a telephone call arrival, facilitating lookup of Salesforce information by Caller Entered Digits (CED) into an IVR or caller ID. b+s Connects for Salesforce – CCX Edition improves contact center efficiency by allowing agents to handle telephone calls within Salesforce rather than having to switch back and forth between multiple GUIs. 

General Product Features

  • Agent state control – sign in, sign out, ready and not ready with reason.
  • Search contacts by typing in part of a name or number inside gadget.
  • Encryption and security via HTTPS.
  • Hot standby redundancy for voice channel.
  • Configurable toolbars inside the gadget provide additional functionality such as call history, notes, start/stop call recording etc.
  • Pop up window outside of the gadget allows agents to view and answer calls even when Salesforce is minimized or hidden.

Voice Features

  • Call control – answer, hold, conference, retrieve and hang up.
  • Transfer with screen pop.
  • Call detail logged inside of Salesforce.
  • Activity comment field inside of the gadget.
  • Auto wrap up and wrap up with reason.
  • Click to dial phone numbers in Salesforce.
Office Facilities European markets,US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline +1-800-917-9060 or +41 31 917 52 52
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3.0 None N/A

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